Dave Symes - Bassist, Producer, Arranger, Composer.

Boy & Bear’s third album Limit Of Love, has officially debuted at #1 on the ARIA Albums Chart. The band are ready to hit the road and are looking forward to playing shows across the UK, Europe the USA and Canada.

Enjoying the duties of a musician and a producer Dave has collaborated with artists such as Missy Higgins, the Sleepy Jackson and Sarah Blasko. He was co-founder of post-rock band Prop, and had a close artistic relationship with the late Jackie Orszaczky.


Boy & Bear

By now, Boy & Bear have written enough earworms to have infiltrated every household in Australia at least the once over.
While Boy & Bear: The Musical might still be some years away, allow me to assuage your fears; their new album, Limit Of Love, provides enough catchy melodies to keep you distracted until that fateful future matinee. In fact, the Sydneysiders’ third LP may actually be their strongest yet, blending all their preceding strengths into a record brimming with character. Having performed 170 dates last year alone, the fact they even found time for an album is impressive enough, yet as bassist Dave Symes explains, it was on the road where they first began to sense the shape this next phase of their music was going to take.

Liz Martin

Nick Argyriou – Rhythms Magazine
Debonair and smooth in its musical etching, Liz Martin's 'Dance A Little, Live A Little' meanders ('So Long'), sways ('Be What May'), gets all Belle and Sebastian meets Fairport Convention ('Dance A Little, Live A Little'), then strikes a sci-fi jazz interlude only three songs in.

Chris Pecken - Altmedia April 2011
When you see the names Dave Symes and Hamish Stuart on an album that is as good as a stamp of approval – "Quality Product Contained Within". That Symes produced the album, and that Liz Martin already had two highly promising albums to her name heightens the sense of expectation.

Jackie Orszaczky

John Shand, SMH 2009
Jackie Orszaczky's final statement of his art before his death nearly a year ago is almost completely and brutally stripped down. Gone are the cunning arrangements for horns and chord instruments, displaced by just Orszaczky's voice, Dave Symes's bass and Hamish Stuart's drums delivering the songs' bare bones, sparely fleshed out with the leader's quirky piccolo bass.

John McBeath, The Australian 2008
LEGENDARY Sydney musician Jackie Orszaczky, a mentor to many, died on February 3, aged 59, after a two-year battle with lymphoma. Since then there have been numerous tribute concerts in Sydney and a big one in his native Hungary in April.

Tina Harrod

An Aching Honesty
John Shand, SMH 2009

Singers are the most naked performers of all. With neither instruments nor acting roles to hide behind, the sound of their voices plus their musicality, sensitivity and taste are all on full display. That's why so many cloak themselves in a persona, even though it negates their most powerful weapon: their vulnerability.Tina Harrod has never been more naked than on this, her third album.

Tony Buck

Rhythms Magazine, Dec 2008
It's great to have preconceptions challenged and ultimately defeated. A record by The Necks drummer Anthony Buck was sure to be more minimal, beautiful, slowly evolving pieces of music. Cool. I love The Necks thing, I'll chill with this over Saturday arvo beers in the backyard. Wrong! This is wild rock/noise. Big riffs, ripping drums, harsh shouted vocals. Recalling band like Shellac, Fugazi and stoner kings Sleep more than anything remotely jazz.


They're mesmerising?their skill in controlling the reigns on suspense are most intriguing.

Australian Style
Prop's ethos is to take heartbreakingly simple arrangements and gently build them into an orchestra of dreams.

Lucie Thorne

Bernard Zuel: SMH 2009
Gentle chanteuse delivers quiet perfection... There are only two people in the room when you're listening to this album: Lucie Thorne and you. There is a band (of which, more later) and co-producer Thorne does not put herself any more forward than necessary but extraneous noises, other people in the house, floating voices on the wind, all drift away as you listen.

Take Something Beautiful

A Tribute to Jesse Younan
In July 2008 Australia and the world lost a brilliant singer and songwriter, Jesse Younan aged 35, far too early for people to fully appreciate his incredible talent. Just days after he finished recording his remarkable album 'A Good Day for a Migraine' he was admitted to hospital with acute myeloid leukemia. He passed away shortly after the album was released to outstanding critical acclaim.

Bernard Zuel 2012
What sometimes scorching, sometimes devastating and often pointedly true song. Interpreted by musicians who knew him well, these songs are revealed in all their potency and beauty.

Hamish Stuart

John Shand, SMH 2010
For 35 years, Hamish Stuart has been one of Australia's grooviest drummers across most styles. His work has graced and deepened the music of Ian Moss, Tina harrod, Marcia Hines, Jade McRae, Jackie Orszaczky, Vince Jones, The Catholics, John Waters and more. This is his first album as leader.

Informal Troupe

John Shand, SMH 2009
Diverse, riff-driven grooves on the first album from Matthew Ottignon, Dave Symes and Hamish Stuart.

Dodging cars, kids kick soccer balls on an asphalt pitch, with terrace houses as grandstands. Such are the scenes Informal Troupe conjure in their vaguely programmatic depiction of Sydney's inner west, a playground in which the horizon is always man-made.


John L Waters, The Guardian UK
Just when you thought there was nothing more you could do with just piano, bass and drums, here comes Kiwi pianist Aron Ottignon and his band Aronas to confound expectations. Like The Necks, In the Country and EST, Aronas have found new ways to reinvent acoustic music, adding extra percussion and effects in an unstable, sometimes explosive mix.

They Will Have THeir Way

Bernard Zuel, November 17, 2011
Finn brothers' tribute was note-perfect

Yes indeed, ‘‘they’’ did have their way and I don’t mean Tim and Neil Finn.
Those who like straightforward celebrations of songs you love got it in happy spades with Paul Dempsey’s Message To My Girl, Alexander Gow’s Poor Boy and Lior’s Mean To Me, which all stuck close to the originals.